The Longest Ride EVER.

Guess what’s happening as we speak? The 2009 Space Elevator Conference! This four-day long event features movies, presentations and workshops for engineers and entrepreneurs who want to build an elevator that actually goes to space. Seriously. Watch Neil deGrasse Tyson discuss the notion of a space elevator.

Summer Reading Idea: "Racial Justice in the Age of Obama"

Looking for a powerful new summer read? “Racial Justice in the Age of Obama” by Roy Brooks critiques both liberals and conservatives, using data and analysis to discuss post-racial America. Brooks highlights the continuing problems of racial disparity, while also encouraging debates and discussion on the issue of race in the twenty-first century Charles Ogletree, …

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A Healing Hope

Lessons from a WWII ghetto resonate with doctors today by Judy Foreman “In the Lodz ghetto in Poland, home to as many as 204,000 Jews during World War II, there were 170 doctors, as well as a few nurses and midwives, according to diaries and memoirs. Like all the others, the Jewish healers lived with …

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Friends of the Bureau Celebrate Mutual Birthday

Jodi Solomon Speakers Bureau would like to wish both President Obama and Helen Thomas a very happy (although slightly belated) birthday! Veteran White House correspondent Helen Thomas turned 89 yesterday, while our current President celebrated his 48th birthday. Obama (a former speaker for Jodi Solomon) visited the White House Press room and brought cupcakes to …

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The Calculus of Friendship: Steve Strogatz and Alan Alda

Join renowned actor Alan Alda and author Steven Strogatz at the 92nd Street Y for a touching and humorous discussion about Strogatz’s remarkable relationship with his calculus teacher. Chronicled in more than 30 years of letters between them, the pair take refuge from life’s challenges in the haven of calculus and each other. Learn more …

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Tipping Point in Tehran

Tipping Point in Tehran: A Gathering Opposition Faces a Weakened Regime by Robin Wright Washington Post July 14, 2009 “How much has changed for Iran in one occasionally breathtaking month. The erratic uprising is becoming as important as the Islamic revoluti on 30 years ago — and not only for Iran. Both redefined political action …

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Greening Your Campus

No single issue is as important to “Millennial” college students as the environment. It’s the one issue that transcends political inclination, religious affiliation, race, and gender. As a direct result, many universities are actively creating sustainability initiatives involving every campus constituency! Residence halls, physical plant staffs, food service management, faculty and staff all are seeking …

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