Firsthand Account of Global Warming in the Arctic

Our friend, environmentalist, and amazing speaker Bob Reiss is currently researching global warming in the Arctic. He sent us a quick note to let us know what he’s up to, and we’re super impressed.
Reiss has been flying with the Coast Guard to remote villages in the Arctic and SubArctic, meeting with elders, hunters and fishermen. They’ve been sharing personal stories about global warming: some have seen strange new insects fall from the sky while others are dealing with ice melting; most say that whale hunting is growing more and more difficult, and there have been far too many scary incidents of hunters falling through the ice.
Reiss is a pro at weaving statistics and research alongside personal stories, as proven in his hit book “The Coming Storm,” which Bill McKibben called “the most readable and intelligent summary of global warming science and politics.”
His work up in the Arctic will surely be an eye-opening account on the consequences and challenges of global warming up north. Stay tuned for more information and personal stories about Reiss’ work in the Arctic. Click here to learn more about Bob Reiss and his amazing work.