Robin Wright on Iran

I’m sort-of wondering if Robin Wright did anything else this past weekend besides analyze the Iran situation?

Lessons for the U.S. As Iran Unravels” by Robin Wright (TIME Magazine on June 22, 2009)

“In Iran, One Woman’s Death May Have Many Consequences” by Robin Wright (TIME Magazine on June 21, 2009)

The Supreme Leader’s Gamble: Iran’s Crisis Deepens by Robin Wright (The Huffington Post on June 19, 2009)

“The evolution of Iran’s revolution” by Robin Wright (The LA Times on June 21, 2009)

“Iranians defy supreme leader” with Robin Wright on Larry King Live (with Wolf Blitzer) on June 20, 2009

Robin Wright discusses Iran on The Diane Rehm Show on June 22, 2009, 2009

PS: Happy Birthday to Bruce Campbell of the hit show Burn Notice!