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Weekly Round Up: Football and the Farm Bill

We are gearing up for the NACA 2014 Conference right here in our home city of Boston! We look forward to seeing everyone there!   We hope that everyone enjoyed the Super Bowl! Congratulations to our friends in Seattle and condolences to our friends in Denver!   Be sure to check out NPR’s sit-down with […]

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Weekly Round Up! Labeling GMOs and LAX Shooting

Bill Moyers profiles Annie Leonard and her Story of Solutions video.   At GreenBiz, Stacey Malkan records her reflections on her activism after watching Annie Leonard’s Story of Solutions.  Whether she’s fighting against cosmetic toxicity or toward labeling genetically modified ingredients in our nation’s food supply, Malkin found Leonard’s 9 minute video “leaves us with

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Who’s in the news…

MPRnews features ‘Should we label genetically modified food?‘ with guest speaker Gary Hirshberg… The life of Arn Chorn Pond is highlighted in ‘Exploring the fiction of Patricia McCormick, crusading journalist and writer for young adults‘… Lilly Ledbetter continues to make headlines in, ‘Lilly Ledbetter Sends Open Letter to Mitt Romney Over Paycheck Fairness Act Stance‘…

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Who’s in the news…

Keynote speaker Lilly Ledbetter tells women to “push for fair wages” at the NEW Leadership conference… The fight against fracking continues! This weekend ecologist Sandra Steingraber was joined by actor Alec Baldwin to speak against hydrofracking… Amazon hosted Jessica Valenti for newest book, ‘Why Have Kids?’ for their first e-book lunch… Social Venture Network honors

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The Tyee features musician Raffi in, “Raffi Cavoukian Is a Tyee Builders“… Jianli Yang writes an opinion piece for The Washington Post, “Chinese activist Chen Guangcheng escaped. Will the U.S. support him?“… “Perla” by Carolina De Robertis is reviewed in, “Daughter struggles with a tragic legacy“… “Follow-Up: Opposition Crystallizes Against So-Called ‘Agent Orange Corn’” features

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