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Weekly Round Up! Watergate and the World Series

Enrique Morones goes to Hollywood!  In Detained in the Desert, Morones portrays Enrique Martinez, a character hybridizing the late human rights activist Roberto Martinez and Morones himself.  “They wanted to make it as realistic as possible and George Clooney wasn’t available,” he cracks.  It premiered at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival, and we wish all […]

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Who’s in the news…

Steve Broder on Hitting the Debt Ceiling…  Featured in Colorlines – Real Diversity Looks Like Inclusion and “The Help” Today Still Don’t Have Rights, Actually by Rinku Sen…  Charles C. Mann shares with us The Real Story of Globalization… Did you miss Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson on Bill Maher… The Washington Post feature – Music

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