Orca Eye-In-The-Sea Camera on Brink TONIGHT!

The CBS television news magazine Brink will air a segment on the ORCA Eye-In-The-Sea tonight (Monday, July 20) at 10:30pm EST on The Science Channel.
Tune in to hear ORCA’s Dr. Edith Widder talk about the world’s first deep sea webcam, fascinating animals that glow in the dark, the challenges of deep sea exploration and the importance of ocean conservation. Edith also gives a tour of the undersea robot Ventana (MBARI’s Remote Operated Vehicle) which is used to deploy the cameria system to its 3000 ft. location in Monterey Canyon.
To learn more about Edith Widder and her innovative Eye-in-the-Sea camera, please visit JodiSolomonSpeakers/EdithWidder.