Two for the Price of One

Looking to head to med school after undergrad? What if you could gain admission to both…At the same time?

Oh, and what if you could go for free?

Greg Pence of University of Alabama at Birmingham is the director of the school’s Early Medical School Acceptance Program and says “That you can have a place reserved for you in medical school, and go to college free, is beyond the imagination of many parents.”

Newsweek describes the program as follows: “The UAB program includes standard premed fare, with about 10 required courses in organic chemistry, biology, physics, math, statistics, and other premed classics. There are also required seminars in subjects such as bioethics. But the guarantee of admission to med school means students can choose courses, and even majors, that in regular undergrad programs might hurt their chances with the med-school admissions office. UAB’s EMSAP students can major in music, Spanish, or anything else as long as they fit in the premed requirements.”

To learn more about this innovative program, read Newsweek‘s article here. To learn more about Greg Pence’s contemporary approach to education, check out his biography at JodiSolomonSpeakers/GregoryPence.