Piracy, Retirement and the Next Galileo

Animal Planet’s “Whale Wars” may be drawing to an end soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your fix of Captain Paul Watson and his whale saving work.

The new documentary “At the Edge of the World” chronicles the 2006-2007 campaign by the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to prevent the annual harvest of whales in the waters near Antarctica. The film has been traveling the festival circuit (and receiving great reviews), and is premiering in New York on Friday at Cinema Village. If you live in NYC, be sure to check out this terrific new film.

Learn more about “At the Edge of the World” and Captain Paul Watson in today’s New York Times or in today’s Alternet. (Or this interesting article about the film crew behind “Whale Wars” in today’s Daily Camera.)

And while we’re talking about finishing projects, can we give a big Congratulations! to Charles Johnson who recently retired from University of Washington. Although he has enjoyed great success as a popular professor, Johnson now plans to do more the for the city he calls home. Learn more here.

And finally, here’s an interesting question that Astronomy Magazine posed today . . . “Will we have another Galileo?” . . . And then they continue with “What about Neil deGrasse Tyson, the six-time guest on The Colbert Report?”

What are your thoughts on the next Galileo?