Traynham on Respecting the Diversity of Thought

Robert Traynham asks, “where are the voices of reason in political debate?” 

In a recent piece for The Philadelphia Tribune, he says: 

“With the advent of the 24-hour news cycle and the ever-persistent producer that encourages political personalities (including the author of this column) to speak in sound bites, I’m afraid to say that the quality of our conversations has been downgraded — to junk status…

The Internet, talk radio and the instant news cycle has joyfully given us the tools of instant gratification but, sadly, it also has polarized us and made us less than thoughtful…

In fact, we have become a society that is more jaded, more cynical and seemingly less respectful of differing school of thoughts.”

Read the full, thought-provoking article here. 

Not familiar with Robert Traynham? He is a journalist and political analyst with an alternative perspective of media and politics in Washington DC. Learn more about Traynham here.