Greening Your Campus

No single issue is as important to “Millennial” college students as the environment. It’s the one issue that transcends political inclination, religious affiliation, race, and gender.

As a direct result, many universities are actively creating sustainability initiatives involving every campus constituency! Residence halls, physical plant staffs, food service management, faculty and staff all are seeking ways to ‘walk softly upon the earth’, and create a sustainable campus community.

Sandra Steingraber is a biologist and author of “Living Downstream.” Called “The new Rachel Carson,” she can help you create a sustainable college campus!

In a wide-ranging lecture, Dr. Steingraber explores the ways in which college campuses can serve as incubators for ideas that will move into the larger world. “This is a time-honored role for universities to play… universities have played key roles in many human rights struggles including abolitionism, suffrage, civil rights, and apartheid” says Steingraber. “Now universities must engage in the big human rights issue of our time: reforming our chemical policy and our systems of energy and transportation in ways that safeguard our planet’s life support system.”

– “Greening the curriculum” – Adding a ‘green’ focus to teaching. Every discipline can participate, from teaching eco-literature, environmental history, sustainable business practices, ‘green’ chemistry and engineering, etc.

– “Greening the physical plant of your college”-Includes establishing LEED certified buildings, ‘farm-to-campus’ programs for food services, organic landscaping, detoxifying the chemistry lab and art studios, and becoming a ‘carbon neutral’ campus.

– “Greening the alumni” – Working with your development program to have alumni help invest in campus wind power, using your alumni publications for public education opportunities, and endowing environmental studies chairs.

Dr. Steingraber’s program is an excellent opportunity to begin (or advance) your sustainability program! Learn more atJodiSolomonSpeakers/SandraSteingraber.

To inquire about this program, please contact Jodi Solomon Speakers Bureau at 617.266.3450

*Additionally, a documentary about Dr. Steingraber is currently in the making. Check out the trailer here.