Parties. Purity. Ecology. Economy. Human Health.

After five years of breaking news, breaking balls, and bringing you bad-ass feminist blogging, Feministing is holding their first big fundraising event ever in celebration of their five year anniversary.

Tonight they’re bringing together friends, loyal readers and fellow online / offline activists to celebrate this very special occasion and enjoy some rad entertainment, delicious cocktails and old fashion feminist fun! Guests include: Mr. Showbiz, Murrya Hill; indie band BoySkout; Willie May Rock Camp for Girls camper band, Saffire; DJ Tikka Masala and a guest appearance by Kathleen Hanna of Le Tigre and Bikini!
The only problem?
Jodi Solomon is in Boston and the party’s in New York. So if you’re in New York, be sure to attend and then share all the juicy details with us! [ RSVP to their Facebook event. ]
Speaking of the wonderful women at Feministing, have you checked out this piece on
In a blog-a-thon against hate, Jen Nedeau cites Feministing founder Jessica Valenti’s book “The Purity Myth” in her discussion for sex education, health and empowerment. This thought-provoking post highlights the hateful acts that occur everyday and, more importantly, offers clear and concise answers to the problems.
Not familiar with “The Purity Myth”? Check out this Rabble review of Valenti’s book.
And if you’re still hungry for a good read, be sure to peruse this piece by Sandra Steingraber in Orion Magazine.
Titled “3 Bets: On ecology, economy and human health,” the article discusses Steingraber’s cancer diagnosis and her thoughts / research on the reasons she developed cancer. She says “so thirty years ago, as a college undergraduate, I made a bet. I bet that my cancer diagnosis had something to do with the environment in which I lived as a child. And I think I was right about this.”
The rest of the article delves into the ensuing research of Steingraber, but manages to maintain its casual and easy-to-digest tone. Called the “new Rachel Carson,” Steingraber is as efficient a writer as she is an environmentalist.
Speaking of environmentalists . . . Who will be watching the season premiere of Animal Planet’s Whale Wars tonight?!