Monthly Book Giveaway – "The Fever"

This month our feature book is – “The Fever: How Malaria Has Ruled Mankind for 500,000 Years” by Sonia Shah.     
“The ancient Romans called it “bad air” and believed their mal aria fevers arose from the ire of the dog star Sirius. Today, we know malaria is transmitted by infected mosquitoes, and we can both cure and prevent the disease. Nevertheless, malaria rules, then as now. Malaria has taken half of all human lives since the Stone Age–and this year, it will kill nearly 1 million! It’s an amazing and terrifying feat that exploits the vagaries of our landscapes, our bodies, and our societies, in ways we are only beginning to unravel.” – Sonia Shah
For a chance to win a First Edition, Hardcover signed by the author, Sonia Shah please submit two (2) facts about malaria or preventative measures being taken.