Ainissa Ramirez

Science Communicator & Innovator, known as the “Science Evangelist,” Dr. Ramirez educates and excites audiences of all backgrounds, making science timely, informative and fascinating.

*Do you know how origami is used to fold airbags?*

*Who was the woman who ‘sold time’?*

*Who was the little-known scientist that inspired Edison to perfect the lightbulb?*

  • Author of The Alchemy of Us, Newton’s Football and the TED Book: Save Our Science, Ramirez educates us on how technology shapes society and recognizes its impact.
  • Dr. Ramirez challenges the one-dimensional image of STEM and encourages thought on the “dark-side” of technology’s cultural consequences and ethics.
  • Distinguished scientist, science communicator  and a revolutionary innovator.
  • Shattering the stereotype of science! Dr. Ramirez gives every diverse voice opportunity to ignite their spark fueling science appreciation.
  • Winner of the Andrew Gemant Award, an annual prize recognizing significant contributions to the cultural, artistic or humanistic dimension of physics.

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