Ainissa Ramirez

Science Communicator & Innovator, known as the “Science Evangelist,” Dr. Ramirez educates and excites audiences of all backgrounds, making science timely, informative and fascinating.

*Do you know how origami is used to fold airbags?*

*Who was the woman who ‘sold time’?*

*Who was the little-known scientist that inspired Edison to perfect the lightbulb?*

  • Author of The Alchemy of Us, Newton’s Football and the TED Book: Save Our Science, Ramirez educates us on how technology shapes society and recognizes its impact.
  • Dr. Ramirez challenges the one-dimensional image of STEM and encourages thought on the “dark-side” of technology’s cultural consequences and ethics.
  • Distinguished scientist, science communicator  and a revolutionary innovator.
  • Shattering the stereotype of science! Dr. Ramirez gives every diverse voice opportunity to ignite their spark fueling science appreciation.
  • Winner of the Andrew Gemant Award, an annual prize recognizing significant contributions to the cultural, artistic or humanistic dimension of physics.

  Ainissa Ramirez Newton's Football   Ainissa Ramirez Save Our Science

Ainissa was our opening keynote presentation and, was a true highlight! She was not only approachable but informative, engaging, passionate and absolutely resonated with our educators. In fact, her presentation was SO well received that she was given a standing ovation!

- National Science Teachers Association

… energetic and enthusiastic, and her enthusiasm rubs off on her audience.

- Yale University

What a huge success everything was!!! It was the first time that I can remember that staff had to continually bring more chairs into the lecture to accommodate the guests!

- Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History

As always, Dr. Ramirez was amazing and inspirational. Students that entered as skeptics exited as raving STEM fans.

- New Jersey City University

Excellent! Fantastic! Wonderful! ... she gave two great talks!

- Case Western Reserve University

Ainissa was delightful - she charmed the dinner guests and didn't leave last night until the last person had her question addressed. Most impressive to me was that over half our science faculty came to hear her and they don't leave the Science building except once a month for faculty meetings - that she could get them to attend was a big deal!

- Bryn Mawr University