Amir Aczel

Mathematics and science “pop idol” author who engagingly speaks on the mathematics of infinity and Einstein’s field equation work

  • Author of research articles, textbooks, and non-fiction books on mathematics including the international bestseller Fermat’s Last Theorem
  • Nominated for a Los Angeles Times Book Award
  • Appears nationwide on CNN, CNBC, and Nightline — and on over a hundred radio programs including NPR’s Weekend Edition and Morning Edition
  • Aczel is a Fellow of the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation
  • Aczel lucidly explains the science, mystery and mathematics of Descartes — who has never been so lively as he is in the pages of Aczel’s first-rate biography and social history

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"A mathematical bonbon of a book"

- the New Yorker (on Fermat's Last Theorem)

"Captivating...a tale of buried treasure...lucidly presented"

- the New York Times (on Fermat's Last Theorem)

"Amir’s ... talk was excellent and he connected well with the audience and students, he was great … I highly recommend him"

- Kean University

"It is a wonderful time to glance back over Einstein's path in developing the field equation...fortunately, we have a fabulous guide in Amir D. Aczel."

- Discover