Andrei Codrescu

Award winning poet, novelist, and essayist.  Recipient of many awards including the Pushcart Prize and the Peabody Award. Long-time NPR contributor

  • His first poetry book, License to Carry a Gun, won the Big Table Poetry award.
  • Regular commentator on NPR’s All Things Considered for many years, and received a Peabody Award for writing and starring in the film Road Scholar
  • His novels, essays and poetry have been infiltrating the American psyche since he emigrated from his native Romania
  • His most recent work is a collection of poetry, The Art of Forgetting
  • “…Codrescu raises big questions and presents interesting and often deeply comic modern insights…” Publishers Weekly


Bibliodeath   So Recently Rent a World   Wakefield   Casanova In Bohemia



"With humor and grace, wisdom and tenderness, Codrescu transforms the commonplace into the miraculous. His work is cause for celebration."

- Kay Boyle