Bas Lansdorp

Visionary CEO of Mars One, Bas intends to create permanent human settlement on Mars in 2027. Gifted with an entrepreneurial spirit, Bas inspires audiences to dream big!

  • Mars One’s mission is to establish a human settlement on Mars. Crews will depart for their one-way journey to Mars starting in 2026; subsequent crews will depart every 26 months thereafter. Mars One is a global initiative aiming to make this everyone’s mission to Mars, including yours!
  • Bas is a born entrepreneur- he sees potential and opportunity where others shy away. Gifted with an articulate vision and genuine enthusiasm.
  • Great for leadership, entrepreneur, innovation programs.


  • Mars One is a not-for-profit foundation that will establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Instead of trying to bring crews back, Mars One plans to send more crews every year. The cost of the mission – $6 billion USD – will be financed through investments, and the return on investment comes from media rights, intellectual property rights and related business cases.
  • With over 200,000 applications to go, support from NASA’s former Chief Technologist, a Nobel Prize laureate, and with contracts with companies like Lockheed Martin, Mars One is already underway.