Christine McKinley

STEM activist, mechanical engineer, musician, host of Discovery Channel’s Decoded, and author of Physics For Rock Stars. Her musical Gracie and the Atom won a Portland Drammy for Original Score.

  • Christine McKinley is a mechanical engineer, rock star, television icon, and author of Physics for Rock Stars.
  • Christine co-hosted Under New York for Discovery Channel and Brad Meltzer’s Decoded for History Channel while continuing her work as an engineer.
  • Her musical Gracie and the Atom, won a Portland Drammy for Original Score.
  • She has spent most of her engineering career designing and managing the construction of power plants, semiconductor facilities, hospitals, and schools.

Physics for Rock Stars   Decoded


Christine was wonderful and our students loved her and the experience. It was the perfect kick-off to STEAM Week

- Pilgrim School

I have invited Christine McKinley to speak at four science lectures so far and she is consistently one of the funniest, most engaging, most compelling speakers I have worked with in nearly a decade of running events....McKinley’s clear love of both science and music is an inspiration to everyone who hears her.

- Amanda Thomas, Host of Science on Tap

In her talk with students, she shared her experiences as an engineering major in college as well as working in the world of mechanical engineering. Her talk shattered all stereotypes of what a female scientist is. But perhaps the highlight was when she performed a physics inspired song she wrote!

- Academy of Our Lady of Peace

…very entertaining … the audience was on the edge of their seats, very much into it … smart, fun program

- University of New Hampshire enthusiastic appreciation for science as described by an unconventional narrator. Not a nerdy guy, but a bright and over-achieving female sings the siren song for science.

- Dan Coffey, a.k.a. public radio’s Dr. Science