Curt Ellis

Co-founder of FoodCorps, promoting food advocacy in youth, Award-winning documentary filmmaker of King Corn.

Peabody-winning filmmaker of King Corn, co-founder and CEO of FoodCorps, the leading national service nonprofit fixing child health. On a mission to change the way we farm and eat.

  • The Washington Post described King Corn as “Required viewing for anyone planning to visit a supermarket, fast-food joint, or their own refrigerator.”
  • The Chronicle for Philanthropy recently profiled Ellis in its On the Rise series about young leaders changing the nonprofit world. Read the article here.
  • Curt’s personal journey spans from campus activism to journalism to social entrepreneurship to policy advocacy, providing an array of entry points and inspiration for audience members looking for their own way to make a difference! “We did not create FoodCorps to do small acts of charity,” he says. “We created FoodCorps to solve the problem of our country’s broken relationship to food.”

VIDEO: Curt Ellis TEDxManhattan