Dan Moldea

Organized crime reporter Moldea has covered the widespread impact of “the mob” on business, the entertainment industry, government, and sports for many years, and survived at least one contract on his life.

  • Moldea’s remarkable lecture, which reveals the bloody underside of the Mafia and crime in America, will forever influence the way one views contemporary history.
  • One of America’s most combative and relentless investigative journalists, best-selling author Dan E. Moldea focuses on the world of organized crime in America in the highly-acclaimed Hoffa Wars and Dark Victory, as well as the controversial Interference,  which linked the NFL to the Mafia and embroiled Moldea in a landmark legal battle against the New York Times.
  • He has also published the definitive books about the murder of Robert Kennedy, the OJ Simpson case, and the suicide of Vincent Foster.
  • Among other programs, he has appeared on ABC’s World News Tonight, Nightline, Prime Time Live, and Good Morning America; the CBS Evening News and the CBS Morning News; NBC’s Nightly News; PBS’s Frontline; CNN’s Burden of Proof, Crossfire, Inside Politics, and Reliable Sources, as well as National Public Radio’s All Things Considered, Talk of the Nation, Morning Edition, and Weekend Edition, along with many others.
  • He appeared in the 2004 Nickolas Perry-Harry Thomason film, The Hunting of the President.

Dan Moldea Confessions of a Guerrilla Writer Dan Moldea The Hunting of Cain

Dan Moldea top image photo credit: Andrew Dunn, Ample Entertainment

…provocative look into organized crime which stirred much reaction from the audience…

- University of Illinois

… the entire campus has been talking about the lecture for nearly a week… something we’ve never seen before.

- Ohio University

“Dan had very cool and interesting stories about the Mafia and his work as a reporter, and he was also able to give insights to a different world that we rarely come across but hear about it all the time.”

- Westminster College

This lecture was the best we've had all year!

- Winthrop College