Diana Yanez

Yanez tackles issues of race and sexuality using comedy. From writing to filmmaking, her talents breakthrough one-dimensional stereotypes.

  • Actor, Comedian, Performer and Speaker
  • Confronts social issues of race and sexuality with a personal and humorous spin
  • Yanez’s ‘VIVA LA EVOLUCIÓN’ Won the overall excellence award at the New York International Fringe Festival.

Video: Diana Yanez stand up                          

". . . fantastic funny woman, is a charming and personable storyteller, immediately inviting the audience into her mini-bar, her living room, and her own memories."

- New York Theater Review

"Hilarious--at times heartbreaking--Yanez's 'VIVA LA EVOLUCIÓN!' interrogates--with nuance and grace--cultural, gendered, and sexual stereotypes, never settling for easy answers."

- Williams College

"An amazing performance! Her passion comes across and relates well with students. Her message is important and presented in a fun, non-threatening way!"

- Georgia Southern University