Gary Hirshberg

Pioneer in green business and  organic farming, co-founder and chairman of Stonyfield Farm Yogurt. Develops sustainable and socially-responsible technologies and practices for businesses.

  • Co-founder and Chairman of Stonyfield Farm, the world’s leading organic yogurt producer.
  • Pioneer in organic farming and green industry, overseeing Stonyfield’s phenomenal growth as a seven-cow organic farm school to its current $360 million in annual sales.
  • Topics including sustainability, climate change, the profitability of green and socially responsible business, organic agriculture, and sustainable economic development.


Gary Hirshberg Stirring it Up

Our audience was delighted with Mr. Hirshberg in so many ways. He was personable, prepared, professional--and generous with information, advice, patience… he was an absolute pleasure to work with.

- Lipscomb University

…Numerous students talking on their way out said this was one of the best lectures they’ve ever been to.

- Tufts University

What an amazing person! …he had such a natural enthusiasm about the subject matter that was really contagious.

- University of North Carolina at Wilmington