Ian Cheney

Award-winning documentary filmmaker of King Corn, Bluespace, and The Most Unknown, examining our natural world with a unique voice.

  • Ian Cheney (with Curt Ellis) is a co-creator of the Peabody award-winning documentary film King Corn
  • They are leading activists on food, sustainability, and our relationship with the environment
  • Winners of the Heinz Award for their work in the sustainable food movement
  • Ian’s documentary work continues to explore and uncover new understanding of our natural world.


Ian Cheney

Ian Cheney’s new film!

The Most Unknown” follows nine scientists across the globe who are engaged in research to answer really deep questions, like the nature of consciousness and how life began.



The Most Unknown (2018)





Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney were phenomenal keynote speakers for the 2011 national NASPA Conference! These two are authentic world-changers: developing approaches through lived experiences that are intentional, innovative, playful, humorous -- yet serious solutions to the most intractable problems of our time.

- University of the Pacific

Inspiring, thoughtful, and fun -- Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney speak to our common concerns and the common good by renewing our curiosity about how things work. The anti-bombasts, they invite us on a journey back to our own resourcefulness through informed, nimble storytelling and a clear confidence in the audience's creativity and intelligence. After hearing them, everything seems possible again.

- Seattle Times

King Corn should be required viewing by anyone planning to visit a supermarket, fast-food joint -- or their own refrigerator!

- The Washington Post

Entertaining and thought-provoking.

- The New York Times