Jane McAlevey

Power, Participation and Democracy: As a labor organizer, author and scholar, her work and activism focus on the intersection of power and strategy.

 Topics Include:

*Income Inequality*

*Power Structure in the Workplace*

*Union Organizing*

*The Green New Deal*

*Environmental & Globalization Issues*


•A life-long organizer and activist, Jane McAlevey is Senior Policy Fellow at the University of California at Berkeley’s Labor Center, part of the Institute for Labor & Employment Relations. She brings her passion and activism to her scholarship and speaks internationally on worker’s rights.


•She is the author of three books, including the upcoming A Collective Bargain: Unions, Organizing, and the Fight for Democracy


•This newest work argues that despite, if not because of, the withering attacks on working people from the US Supreme Court, conservative state and local governments, the corporate class, and the survival of American democracy depends on rebuilding unions.


"This book renews my faith that organizing works. It calls for a new kind of unionism and makes a compelling case for a new vision for the American labor movement. In the whole worker theory that McAlevey tested and retested in real life campaigns, all the issues negatively impacting the poor, working and middle class become the cause of unions, not simply wages and narrowly defined workplace conditions."

- Van Jones

"Jane McAlevey has devoted her life to reigning in the destructive power of concentrated wealth and she is consumed with one over-arching question: How do we win? In this essential book, she draws on decades of organizing experience to make an overwhelming case that the new face of working class power is female and fiercely feminist. It’s past time to listen up."

- Naomi Klein