Jim Lucas

Jim Lucas travels nationwide, delivering hundreds of performances of Dr. Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream, I’ve Been to the Mountaintop and other works in a dramatic one-man show.

  • REFLECTIONS: The Life and Times of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Through performance, Lucas chronicles the Civil Rights movement through the eyes of Dr. King.
  • A student of the teachings of The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., Lucas is an advocate of Dr. King’s philosophy of non-violent civil action to effect social change.
  • A powerful reenactor for Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration events, April 4 Commemoration events, and Juneteenth events.

The most authentic and exhilarating King I have ever seen.

- President William J. Clinton

...the tortuous tale of the Civil Rights movement is relayed in a manner that is personal and historical. Dr. King’s memory lends vivid meaning to sacrifice and martyrdom in the name of peace and justice. Jim Lucas’s portrayal of Dr. King keeps that memory alive and vital.

- Chapman University

… remarkable... positive and enthusiastic response...Students and faculty alike are asking when we can have him back.

- Baylor School

Actor Jimmie D. Lucas personifies Dr. King in a manner that is informative, engaging and stirring. With a countenance more reminiscent of the late Los Angeles mayor, Tom Bradley, it takes Lucas little time for audiences to accept him as the embodiment of Dr. King. But, given Lucas’s background, it’s no surprise that he so comfortably inhabits the character of Dr. King.

- Dr. Ben Miles