Kevin Knobloch

Former senior Energy Department official and president of Union of Concerned Scientists, expert on energy and environmental public policy.

• At present – Senior Research Associate at the Center for International Environment and Resource Policy at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy


•Former Chief of Staff with the Department of Energy under President Obama


•Led the department’s efforts to implement President Obama’s Climate Action Plan


•Served as president of the Union of Concerned Scientists for a decade, a leading voice in the scientific community’s environmental policies


Lecture titles include:


Science and Democracy in Turmoil


Energy and Environmental Policy in the Trump Era


"He is knowledgeable about a range of environmental and national security issues including global warming, natural resource and clean energy economics, renewable and efficient vehicle technologies, nuclear weapons, forest management, and corporate responsibility, as well as legislative strategy and procedure."

- American Solar Energy Society

“The inability of our political system to address a complex and difficult problem is, on its face, overwhelming. But to me, the clarity of what we have to do is liberating, and calls to the better angels of our nature…. To make a better world for us, it is our turn now.”.”

- Kevin Knobloch