Kyle Thiermann

A professional surfer and environmental activist “making waves” in social change! As a Patagonia Surf Ambassador, Kyle uses his travels to catch big waves while filming environmental documentaries

  • Catch the passion to effect change! Captivating the attention of young environmental activists with the simple daily decisions that benefit their local economies and the world!
  • Puts forth three simple ways to make a difference: Bank Locally, Shop Locally, Support Responsible Companies!
  • As a Patagonia Surf Ambassador, he uses his travels to document controversial issues ignored by mainstream media
  • His award winning documentary films have attracted hundreds of thousands of viewers
  • These stories include Indonesian trash epidemic and GMO protests in Hawaii
  • Check out his videos and podcasts!
  • Inspired viewers to move over $340 million of lending power out of multi-national coal funding banks, and into local banks around the country through his internet series, Surfing For Change.
  • Host of the Kyle Thiermann Show on Discovery Channel’s Seeker Network!
  • Awards include the Brower Youth Award, American Clean Skies Award, Blue Vision Youth Award, and Surfrider’s Pro Surfer Environmental Achievement Award.


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I heard students walking out saying ‘this makes me want to get out there and do something about these issues’ … If your talk was as influential on everyone else as it was on myself … we are gonna see some game changers out there.

- Student, Claremont McKenna College

There’s a lot of talk about engaging youth in world change--Kyle is unique because he’s actually part of the demographic.


Kyle understands the complex issues, but conveys them in a fun, simple way that engages a huge audience.

- Annie Leonard, Story of Stuff

My favorite part about his message was doing what you love to create change in the world.

- University of Dayton

Fantastic! A great program! A great speaker!

- Bridgewater College