Lisa Dodson

Award winning author and sociologist, Dodson’s book The Moral Underground: A Silent Movement for Economic Justice shares stories that restore a sense of justice into the working world.

    • Economic disobedience–told in whispers to Dr. Dodson around the country–hundreds of supervisors, teachers, and health care professionals describe intentional acts of defiance that together tell the story of a quiet revolt, of a moral underground that has grown in response to an immoral economy.
    • The Moral Underground combines narratives and social research to document a whole new phenomenon–people reaching across America’s economic fault line–and provides a missing national account of the human consequences and lives behind the business-page headlines.
    • In the tradition of civil disobedience that marks the nation’s history, often unassuming but morally clear-eyed people refuse, every day, to go along with the economic mistreatment of other people.



Lisa Dodson The Moral Underground

Your outstanding presentation was both informative and challenging. You certainly provided a new perspective into the issue of poverty!

- Boston College

…her argument is persuasive: we should not need to put compassionate Americans in a position where they have to choose between following rules and helping those who are trying to help themselves.

- Bioneers

This beautiful and poignant book uses the voices of ordinary Americans to trace a deep cultural divide between those who feel moral obligations to others and those who don't. It goes beyond an account of the tender mercies people often provide one another to show how mercy itself can subvert dominant economic logic.

- Franklin & Marshall College