Michael Tubbs

Former Mayor Michael Tubbs has had an extraordinary rise to become the youngest and most highly effective mayors of our time. His innovative ideas span from a Basic Income Program to Education For All.

  • Former Mayor of Stockton, CA, and constructor of the sixth most fiscally healthy city in the nation; elected as the youngest mayor of a major city in America
  • Leader of “Save our Stockton,” a group by youth for the youth.
  • Founder of Mayors for a Guaranteed Income
  • Special Advisor for Economic Mobility for California Governor Newsome
  • Initiator of the enactment, “Universal Basic Income,” aiming to end poverty and inequality.
  • Awards and accolades include: The Nation Magazine’s  2018 Most Valuable Mayor,  Fortune Magazines “40 under 40” annual ranking of the most influential young people in business;  Forbes Magazine 30 under 30, John F.  Kennedy Library New Frontier Award winner, “Top 4 Power Player Under 40” by Black Enterprise Magazine, The Roots Magazines 100 Most Influential Black Americans in 2017 , Reader Digest‘s “50 Things to Love About America”

Video: Michael Tubbs TED talk-The Political Power of Being a Good Neighbor

(over one million views to date!)

Video: True Son Documentary Trailer


I've only given to three campaigns in my life: Cory Booker was the first, Barack Obama was the second, and Michael Tubbs will be my third.

- Oprah Winfrey

“Michael Tubbs is a fine young man and a gifted communicator with a compelling message - a call for all of us to work to live out Dr. King's vision for society. It was particularly good for our students to hear Michael encourage them to "put purpose to your privilege."

- Carleton College (MN)

“Michael was a phenomenal speaker. He was especially well received by our younger students and student leaders. In fact, there's already talk about Student Activities bringing him to speak to campus leadership groups.”

- Tidewater Community College (VA)