Richard Rodriguez

An award–winning, thought provoking writer, hailed by The Washington Post as “one of the most eloquent and probing public intellectuals in America”.

  • Hailed by The Washington Post as “one of the most eloquent and probing public intellectuals in the country.”  A master of the personal essay, Rodriguez writes about the intersection of his personal life with some of the most vexing public issues of our time.
  • Award-winning author of Brown, Hunger of Memoryand Days of Obligation
  • Days of Obligation was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in non-fiction and he received the Frankel Award (later renamed “The National Humanities Medal”), the highest honor the Federal government gives to recognize work in the humanities.

  • He received a George Peabody Award for his televised essays on American life.
  • Brown was nominated for the National Book Critics Award.
  • Darling: A Spiritual Autobiography considers the “desert religions” (Christianity, Islam, Judaism) in the aftermath of September 11, and asserts that women be seen as central to religion.
  • His books are frequently used in “Community Reads” and “1st Year Reads” programs.

Richard Rodriguez DarlingRichard Rodriguez Hunger of Memory Richard Rodriguez Days of Obligation Richard Rodriguez Brown

. . . one of the most eloquent and probing public intellectuals in the country.

- The Washington Post

He was terrific . . .a homerun!

- Northfield Mount Hermon School

He was fantastic . . . We so hope to be able to invite Mr. Rodriguez back in the future.

- Infopeople Event Coordinator

. . . Few [people] are equally possessed of his expansive humanity, unwavering graciousness, rare intelligence and admirable decency.

- University of Tennessee