Sandra Steingraber

An international anti-fracking activist & biologist who fights for environmental rights as a basic human right.

  • Hailed as the “next Rachel Carson”, devoting her life’s work to understanding the ways in which chemical contaminants in air, water and food endanger human health.
  • Winner of the Annual Heinz Award.
  • Named “Woman of the Year” by Ms. Magazine
  • Recipient of the Rachel Carson Leadership Award
  • She is the author of Raising Elijah: Protecting Children in an Age of Environmental Crisis and Living Downstream, which prompted a highly-acclaimed documentary of the same name.
  • The documentary film Unfractured, features Steingraber’s activism and passion to fight with your whole heart.

Sandra Steingraber Having Faith Sandra Steingraber Living Downstream Sandra Steingraber Raising Elijah

Sandra Steingraber not only does great science, she also has a marvelous ability with words, communicating information in a warm and understandable way.

- Carleton College

Sandra Steingraber brings poetry to science and makes them dance. Her lectures open hearts as well as minds. She elucidates. She inspires

- Bioneers

Sandra was terrific last night. Afterwards, people were all abuzz, and I was thanked profusely for suggesting that we invite her. She's truly one of my favorite speakers of all time.

- Cornell University incredibly amazed and moved and impressed we were by Sandra Steingraber--termed 'the event of the year'!

- Washington & Jefferson College