Sonia Nassery Cole

Award-winning Afghan-American filmmaker, author, Human Rights activist, philanthropist, and freedom fighter,  who gives a voice to the voiceless


  • Director, writer and producer of The Black Tulipthe Oscar-nominated film based on the true story of an Afghan family facing the daily horrors of life in war-torn Kabul
  • Winner of the PEN Center USA Freedom To Write Award
  • Founder of the Afghanistan World Foundation (AWF), focusing on fighting for women’s rights
  • International advocate fighting against the crimes on women in Afghanistan, India, and Africa and recipient of the 2012 Women Together Award
  • In Will I Live Tomorrow? The Making of Black Tulip, Cole invites readers onto the set and behind the scenes, giving them an intimate look into what it took to produce such a controversial film in the heart of war-ravaged Afghanistan, including the acts of terror the Taliban employed to try to kill the production.

  Black Tulip - Sonia Nassery Cole    Sonia Nassery Cole Will I Live Tomorrow

"The film is a deeply heartfelt experience that addresses the struggles of everyday people in a strange land most of us know nothing about. You will not go away unmoved. See it, and learn something."

- Rex Reed, The New York Observer

A gripping experience as politically enlightening and emotionally involving as it is educational and beautiful to look at.”

- Rex Reed, The New York Observer