Steve Brodner

Having covered 9 national elections, Brodner draws upon his use of portrait caricature, art journalism, and visual essays to provide political commentary on hot news of the day.

  • After a lifetime of drawing hilarious political art, covering nine presidents, Steve Brodner is busier than ever … tracking Donald Trump. His talk ranges from work featuring President Trump going back to 1988, right up to Brodner’s acclaimed recent panorama (featured on this page) of “The Court of Donald I”.
  • Lecture also includes work from his book in progress, Presidents, 1896-
  • Work is featured in major US magazines, newspapers, and websites — including The Washington Post, The Atlantic Monthly, The Nation, Mother Jones, The New Yorker, and Rolling Stone — with animations featured by PBS,, and
  • Integral force in the movement to revive the art of caricature in the media — and the subject of a major retrospective show at the Norman Rockwell Museum
  • Books of work include Freedom Fries, Fold N’ Tuck, Davy Crockett, and Sharing the Pie.

Steve Brodner Freedom FriesSteve Brodner Sharing the Pie

(“The Court of Donald I“)

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