Susan Douglas

Prize-winning author, columnist, feminist scholar, and cultural critic.  She chronicles the widening gap between the images of women in the mass media and their everyday lives.

  • Author of many acclaimed books, including  Where the Girls Are was which was named one of the top ten books of the year by NPR, Entertainment Weekly and The McLaughlin Group.
  • In Enlightened Sexism:  The Seductive Message That Feminism’s Work Is Done, she continues her analysis of the mixed messages surrounding women, and the struggle in the media between embedded feminism on the one hand and enlightened sexism on the other.
  • New book! Celebrity: A History of Fame  Douglas examines how mass media relies upon an ever-changing cast of celebrities to grab our attention and money, and new stars are conquering new platforms to build their adoring audiences and enhance their images. I
  •  Douglas has written for The NationIn These TimesThe Village VoiceMs.The Washington Post and TV Guide, and was media critic for The Progressive. Her column “Back Talk” appears monthly in In These Times.

 Susan Douglas The Rise of Enlightened Sexism Susan Douglas The Mommy Myth Susan Douglas Listening In Susan Douglas Enlightened Sexism  

Enlightened Sexism is a delightful read. Douglas had me laughing out loud as she made her irreverent but persuasive case against a popular culture that promises girls and women they can be whatever they want as long as they don’t want the wrong things.

- Ms. Magazine

...powerfully insightful and challenging--conversations are still ongoing around ideas and issues raised during her visit.

- Boston College

...many great comments about Susan's talk--and the PowerPoint presentation added the 'aha' moment!

- University of Louisville