Ted Conover

Pulitzer Prize finalist and National Book Award winning author who has worked as a correctional officer in a prison, and traveled from Mexico to the US with migrants crossing the border.

  • Narrative nonfiction journalist and author who explores off-beat social worlds and creates conversational dialogues that are engaging and relevant
  • National Book Critics Circle Award-winner and Pulitzer Prize finalist for Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing.
  • Director of NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute
  • Author of The Routes of Man and Coyotes, where he spent a year traveling with Mexicans crossing the border
  • Ted’s newest book, Immersion, offers a revealing look into Ted’s unique research methods and offers great stories from his work

VIDEO: Ted at The Moth: “How We Roll”

Ted Conover The Routes of ManTed Conover Newjack Ted Conover Coyotes

Ted has a way of talking about big topics such as prisons, immigration, and infrastructure with engaging stories that captivate everyone in the room.

- Boston College

Ted Conover is a rare gem–his public talks resonate with the same sharpness of insight that he brings to his journalism. We love his visits!

- UC Berkeley

I grew increasingly impressed not only with Conover’s bravery and hardihood--which he underplays--but, more important, with that quality one associates with Steinbeck: heart.

- New York Times

He personally e-mailed us and asked what he should talk about and who his audience was... you could tell he really tailored his talk to the audience of students and was really trying to be thoughtful.

- University of Alabama