Un-Safe Cosmetics

Treehugger recently posted a wonderful article: 5 Ugly Truths You May Not Know About the Beauty Industry featuring our friend Stacy Malkan, who shared some of the startling facts about the beauty industry. We’ve listed a few below, but please visit Treehugger for the complete article.

  • Did you know . . . many companies that donate to breast-cancer research still use carcinogens in their products?

  • Did you know . . . many personal-care products contain toxic chemicals not listed on labels?

  • And did you know . . . not one of the mainstream beauty giants has signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics pledge?

And my favorite piece? Many of the major cosmetics firms have developed their own “green” product lines. “The Origins brand by Estée Lauder, for example, brags that it is free of a long list of hazardous chemicals,” says Malkan. “So if Estée Lauder has already figured out how to make products without the harmful chemicals, why do they continue to use those chemicals in all their other product lines?”

To learn more about Stacy Malkan and her organization The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, please visit JodiSolomonSpeakers/StacyMalkan.