Howard Zinn Memorial at Evergreen State College

Many have been influenced by Howard Zinn and his book “People’s History of the United States.” Jodi Solomon Speakers Bureau had scheduled Howard to speak in OlympiaWA tomorrow (Feb. 6), at 3 PM, but he passed away last week. He’d be delighted to know people still gather to celebrate his life and remember his work.

So come honor and celebrate Howard Zinn’s life and work at The Evergreen State College in OlympiaWA. The program will feature a recent interview of Zinn with David Barsamian and a recording of the address “Three Holy Wars” that Zinn had promised to bring to Olympia.

Local educators and activists and artists will testify to the ways that Howard Zinn has touched their lives and work. The event will close with music, led by David Rovics.

The event is free. Donations will be collected in Howard Zinn’s name to fund peace and justice work here in the US and in Haiti.

For more information, contact Larry Mosqueda, 867.6513.

And a big thank you to the committee organizing the Howard Zinn Celebration of Life Memorial:  Jana Dean, Sandy Yannone, Victoria Larkin, Larry Mosqueda and Pete Bohmer. Learn more here

*And please check out this amazing clip of speaker/cartoonist Steve Brodner as he pays tribute to Howard Zinn.