Weekly RoundUp & Video Friday

Busy, busy week . . .

  • Bad News: Season two of Animal Planet’s Whale Wars ended last week. Good News: 3.2 million viewers tuned in to watch AND the network announced the third season. Read the LA Times article on the popularity of Captain Paul Watson and the crew.

And for VIDEO FRIDAY, check out all the highlights from Whale Wars Season 2 right here.

  • What are you doing September 5? Well, as Robert Bullard reports, civil rights, faith based, environmental justice, and health leaders from around the country are planning a rally in Dickson, Tennessee on Labor Day weekend Saturday, September 5. The rally is intented to highlight the nation’s continuing toxic dumping problem in African American communities. As Robert Bullard says in his article, “African Americans and other people of color, rich and poor, have a right to clean and healthy environments and the benefits of the ‘green economy’ as other Americans. The time for real change is now.”
  • With Steven Strogatz’s new book “The Calculus of Friendship” creating such buzz, Inside Higher Ed magazine interviewed the professor/author. Strogatz explains why he decided to write the book, what he hopes readers will gain from the piece, and how his role changed as he went from student to professor. Read the article here.

And, on a personal note, everyone here at Jodi Solomon Speakers Bureau is saddened by the loss of our state senator and inspirational leader, Ted Kennedy.