Ted Conover: "The Routes of Man"

This week, Ted Conover‘s new book “The Routes of Man” comes out. 

It’s a look at roads as a powerful force that changes the world, including the people on them. Conover writes about roads in his usual way – by traveling them himself, in the company of those to whom they matter. These include woodcutters in the Amazon, teenagers in Ladakh, truck drivers in East Africa, soldiers and Palestinians in the West Bank, ambulance crews in Lagos, and Chinese businesspeople, many in their first cars, who want to drive really, really fast. It’s Conover’s first book since “Newjack” and we’re thrilled to read it. (And The Economist was also thrilled with the book! Read a review here.) 

Please visit Conover’s website at www.tedconover.com to see what people are saying, check out upcoming events and order the book!