A British Invasion

Released today, CNN has already called the newly remastered Beatles box sets “a treat for a casual fan and a dream come true for die-hards.” And people (especially ’round here in Boston!) are already talking about the ability for three players to sing and harmonize all at once with the new Beatles: Rock Band game, which was also released today.

No doubt, it’s a Beatles kind-of day.

And if you’re a serious fan, then maybe you should check out “Tell Me Why: A Beatles Commentary,” by NPR rock critic Tim Riley. The book was hailed by The New York Times for bringing “new insight to the act we’ve known for all these years” and The Salt Lake City Tribune said simply, “his exhaustive research on the songs, including much of the Beatles’ solo work, does what every book on the Beatles should do: explain how four boys from Liverpool revolutionized popular music.”

It’s a perfect day to check out “Tell Me Why” and an even more perfect time of year to bring Tim Riley to your school, organization or non-profit. Who wouldn’t want to listen to a presentation on the Beatles?! (Besides: When the event is over, you can head home to play a little Beatles Rock Band!)

Learn more about Tim Riley at JodiSolomonSpeakers/TimRiley.