Expenses to Budget for When Bringing in a Speaker

You’ve decided on a fabulous speaker for your upcoming event. The date is set. You’re getting excited . . . But there are still a few details to work out. Like the budget.

You’ve already factored in the speakers fee, sure. But besides that, what other expenses should your organization budget? Although not all of the following ideas will apply to you, it’s helpful to keep them in mind when planning.

Travel: Will the speaker be traveling via train, airplane, or car? (Please note: If the speaker is traveling via train or plane, will someone from your organization be picking up the speaker upon their arrival?)

Accomodations: Does the speaker live nearby? If not, will he/she be staying in a hotel?

Food: Although many of our speakers are superhuman, they typically need food to sustain themselves…Just like you and me! Will there be food available at the event or perhaps a dinner reception?

Promotional Material: You’ll certainly be promoting the program in the days and weeks leading up to the event. Have you budgeted for posters, newspaper ads, radio spots, etc? What about programs or fliers to hand out during the event?

Books: Are you bringing in an author? If so, you’ll probably want to have copies of his/her book on hand. (Please note: Consider asking the publisher for a bulk discount!)

Rentals: Are you using your own hall or auditorium? If so, great! If not, be sure to factor in the price of a hall rental. What about A/V equipment, or anything else that may not come standard in the hall?

Security & Maintenance: If you’re bringing in a high-profile speaker, then you might want to consider security. And don’t forget that even the most laid-back program will need clean-up before and after. You don’t want a messy auditorium!

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