Diversity & Inclusion

Trailblazers making strides on the need for inclusivity, diversity, intersectionality and understanding shared values

Derrick Pitts

NASA’s first Astrobiology Ambassador & Chief Astronomer and Planetarium Director at the Franklin Institute.  His motto: Eat, breathe, do science. Sleep later.

Lorene Cary

Powerful storyteller, educator, and social activist delivering autobiographical, historical, and fictional stories about issues surrounding race and class.

Jianying Zha

Born in Beijing, educated in the West, journalist and author Jianying Zha brings unique insight into the rapid changes and movement in Chinese culture, politics, and economics.

Nikki Giovanni

World-renowned poet, activist, writer and educator. Over the past thirty years, Nikki Giovanni, one of the foremost black poet activists, has brought the eyes of the world upon her.

Richard Morse

“With my music, I’m providing a safe haven for folks as the government fails…There are times when the Haitian people can’t speak out. But I can write a song.”