Performing Arts

Dynamic performing artists, programs that will entertain and educate

Kathleen Hanna

Unwavering feminist, legendary punk singer, artist and pioneer of the Riot Grrrl movement

Richard Morse

“With my music, I’m providing a safe haven for folks as the government fails…There are times when the Haitian people can’t speak out. But I can write a song.”


Known to millions as a children’s entertainer, Raffi believes that the key to building a humane and sustainable world lies in how we treat our children, a philosophy he calls Child Honouring.

Jeff Lieberman

Scientist, musician, roboticist, and sculptor Jeff Lieberman combines his passions for art and science in ways that reveal how one influences the other. Art meets science through interaction, connection, and challenged perception.

Charles Neblett

Original Civil Rights Movement Freedom Singer – Civil and Human Rights Activist. President and founder of Community Projects, Inc.