Weekly Roundup – Annie Leonard, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Spencer Overton

Happy Wednesday everyone! Catch up with the latest news from our headlining speakers!

Annie Leonard, Executive Director of Greenpeace USA, has an interesting (and troubling) blog post on Huffington Post this week, entitled The Hidden Consequences of Food Waste. It’s more than what you scrape off your plate at the end of a meal – there’s unnecessary waste throughout the supply chain.


Manhattanhenge! That’s the name that Neil deGrasse Tyson gave to the phenomenon he noticed a few years ago – that on two days of the year (in May and July), the sun is perfectly aligned with the East/West streets in Manhattan, much as the sun rises through a specific opening in Stonehenge on the equinox. Why doesn’t it happen on the equinox in New York? Read the article …


In the wake of the terrible shootings in Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, and Dallas, Spencer Overton has co-authored a piece in the American Prospect, How We Move Beyond Dallas . He offers a sober view of how we need to get past the heated rhetoric of the past week and address root issues.


With that in mind … in these fractious times, we hope for peace and unity among all people of good will.