Weekly Round Up: The Christine McKinley Edition

Happy Wednesday! This week, we’re going to take a closer look at Christine McKinley!



Christine is a mechanical engineer running her own engineering firm and managing industrial and commercial construction projects… but that hardly scratches the surface of her experiences and interests! She has also hosted two television shows: Under New York on the History Channel and DECODED on the Discovery Channel. She’s also a musician and playwright, and author of Physics for Rock Stars.


Christine is a passionate and hilarious Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education advocate. She explains to students how an understanding of physics will help them execute a proper stage dive and win a fistfight on a speeding train. Christine leads by example, showing young people how to create a “hand made life” by choosing a career in engineering, science, and anything else they want to add.


She is admittedly a little nuts about physics… and excited to inspire young people (especially those who might not think about STEM majors) to learn more about science and engineering …


Here’s a short video of a radio interview with Christine, where she explains the connection between physics, the periodic table … and dating!


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