A Closer Look – our newest speaker, Rev. Mariama White-Hammond!

Happy Wednesday! This week, we are happy to introduce to you our newest speaker, community leader and environmental activist Rev. Mariama White-Hammond!

Rev. Mariama White-Hammond has worked to bridge the racial divide with a unifying message about the importance of the environment and working together. She has helped build coalitions around youth empowerment, advocating for refugees, working towards a fair minimum wage, women’s rights, environmental issues, providing safe space in violent neighborhoods, and Spirituality. The daughter of Rev. Ray Hammond, founder of the Ten Point Coalition Against Youth Gang Violence and former chair of the Boston Foundation, and mother, Rev. Gloria White-Hammond, a leader in the movement to save Darfur. Rev. Mariama is known as the ecological justice minister for inclusive climate mobilization.

Rev. White-Hammond believes that the world is at a watershed moment in which we are all called to embody a more sustainable way of living and being with each other and the planet. She challenges the Christian church to embrace a more radical understanding of the life and mission of Jesus Christ. She believes that a faith worth proclaiming must be responsive to issues like street violence, mass incarceration, climate change, AIDS, food security, and human rights. She is actively engaged on social justice issues ranging from immigration policy to fair wage issues. Rev. Mariama is very committed to engaging the faith community, and particularly Black church on climate change and ecological justice issues.

Let us know if you’d like to bring Rev. White-Hammond to your organization, campus, or conference!


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