Congrats to our hometown New England Patriots!

Congratulations to our hometown New England Patriots on winning Superbowl XLIX! We are looking forward to the duck boat parade tomorrow!  


In the run-up to the big game our own Dr. Ainissa Ramirez, renowned materials scientist, was highly sought after for comment regarding the “deflate gate” controversy:


“Deflating the ball does give a team an advantage,” says materials scientist Ainissa Ramirez, the author of Newton’s Football, a book about the science of football. Ramirez says the slightly softer football improves the grip.


“Particularly during that game which was very rainy, it’s hard to hold the ball, it’s hard to catch the ball,” she says. “So by making it a little softer, it’s easier to catch the ball.”


After the big win former NFL player, current GLBTQ advocate, and outstanding speaker, Wade Davis,  was on-set with CNN discussing the game:




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