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Today, our very own Neil deGrasse Tyson and Daisy Hernandez remind us the beauty of creativity. While Dr. Tyson accepted the Most Innovative People Award from the World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship yesterday, Ms. Hernandez’s book and life story were described with flying colors by the Latin Post last Wednesday.


The event Dr. Tyson attended gathered innovators in almost every industry together to get everyone’s creative juices flowing. Neil is now joining the ranks of people like Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Bill Gates, and Stephen Hawking. It goes without saying that these individuals are incredibly inspirational and to share an award with them is saying a lot.

Due to the overwhelming number of requests we’ve received regarding Dr. Tyson’s speaking schedule, we’ve created a new Facebook page to keep you up-to-date on many of his upcoming lectures.








Last week’s article on Hernandez and her book, A Cup of Water Under My Bed, reveal not only the author’s beautiful creative writing, but also her inspirational life accomplishments. The Boston Globe agreed with this impression, writing,


“gorgeously written from start to finish, the book’s emotional heart is in the author’s childhood, and it reverberates through her adulthood.”


We are so proud of Daisy for sharing her story and touching the lives of others who are also Latina, bisexual, coming-of-age, and everything in between.













We hope that alongside all of these impressive individuals, you too will never stop looking at the world through a creative eye.


And for all you Emery’s World fans, here’s this week’s creative cartoon!