Take A Closer Look at — Stormchaser Warren Faidley

Happy Wednesday! This week, we’re going to take a closer look at the ORGINAL storm chaser, Warren Faidley!

Warren Faidley is a prize-winning photojournalist, adventurer and disaster survival expert. He is officially credited as the first, professional storm chasing photojournalist.


Warren and his images have appeared worldwide in National Geographic, The Weather Channel, the BBC, Discovery Channel, CNN, Fox News and many more. His photography has also been used for advertising and promotional work for Paul McCartney, Universal Pictures, Sheryl Crow, MTV, The NFL, NASCAR, Warner Bros., and thousands of books, editorial publications, television and social media outlets. A Google search under his unique name shows an average of over 60,000 references.



Pursuing thousands of individual thunderstorms, tropical cyclones and assorted natural disasters, Warren has survived a mind-numbing number of extreme and deadly situations, including hurricanes winds of 165 mph, tornadoes, lightning bolts, rattle snakes, gunfire, swarming spiders and even angry farmers with rusty pitch forks. Warren began his pursuits at age 12 when he was carried away and nearly killed by a flash flood. A few weeks later he was riding his bike in to the core of violent dust devils.


In 1997 he captured the first tornado ever shot on motion picture film. He was a consultant for the motion picture Twister and serves as a disaster survival expert for corporate and media interests. Warren often provides live reports for news media and public safety outlets. He also serves as a volunteer search and rescue / EMS operator. The media often refers to Warren as “America’s Top Storm Chaser.”



Warren has been an advocate for responsible storm chasing, including a successful mission to expose “fake storm chasing scientists.”


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