Trending Now: Bas Lansdorp, Arn Chorn Pond, Bruce Campbell

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week! Check out the latest news from a few of our speakers making headlines:


Bas Lansdorp has been making waves these days with his innovative and groundbreaking Mars One project. He’s bringing space travel to the forefront with his mission and keeping you informed with DESTINATION MARS, a short-form documentary series that explores Mars One’s goal to land the first humans on Mars in 2027 and helps explain the mission to a large audience. To Mars and beyond!


Humanitarian and musician Arn Chorn Pond gave an emotional talk at the inaugural Kampot Writers and Readers Festival  in Cambodia, sharing his hope that the festival will “bridge the gap between emerging Cambodian artists and the expatriate community.” Read more about the powerful event and its importance for preserving Cambodian culture.


As the weather cools down, the TV heats up with Bruce Campbell, who has been all over the airwaves with the Ash Vs. Evil Dead series, as well as a guest starring role on the current season of Fargo in which he plays Ronald Reagan.  The Hollywood Reporter spoke with Campbell about his portrayal of Reagan, and the exciting early renewal of Ash Vs. Evil Dead!


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