Trending Now: David Quammen, Steven Strogatz, Daisy Hernandez

Get the latest from our speakers with this collection of good reads from around the web:


The New York Times reviews famed science writer David Quammen’s timely new release.  “In  Ebola: The Natural and Human History of a Deadly Virus, Mr. Quammen puts the frightening reality of Ebola — and the heightened language and hyperbole surrounding it — into perspective.”


At the Chaos Ball (which has lovingly been called the geekiest event of the season) mathematician and speaker Steven Strogatz has a lively onstage discussion on chaos theory with science enthusiast Alan Alda.


Daisy Hernández grew up between cultures as a first-generation American child of a working-class Colombian mother and Cuban father. Head over to North Carolina Public Radio and listen as host Frank Stasio talks to Hernández about her life and work.


Feminist activist and author Jessica Valenti, writing at The Guardian, reminds readers that “The freedom to have fun, make mistakes and participate in some youthful irresponsibility shouldn’t be limited to boys”.


Kathleen Hanna, the onetime leader of the riot grrrl band Bikini Kill, sits down for an interview witth SFGate ahead of her performance at the Fillmore Theatre.


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